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What we offer

We produce grapes, wine and raki from a number of grape varieties, mainly Kallmet, Merlot and Temperanillo

We organize events such as winetasting, a tour of the vineyard and cellar or a trip to the nearby mountains to swim and go camping

Participate in a workshop! Make your own raki and wine, pick your grapes or slow-roast a lam together with your friends.

Wines & Raki

We have a number of different wines for sale.

Visit Kantina Mani in Gruemire or call Fatjon to order and organize a delivery. At the moment all our wines are natural wines which mean they are unfiltered. We use barrels from Albanian oak from the mountains around Librazhd.

  • Kallmet – Merlot (75%/25%)
  • Merlot – Temperanillo (75%/25%)
  • Oaked and non-oaked Raki